What Is The Marketing Strategy In A Pitch Deck?

What is the place of marketing strategy in your pitch deck when raising money for your startup?

Pitch decks can make or break your startup, and the ability to get the funds you need to launch and grow. Some of the funds you may need so desperately may be to execute your marketing strategy.

So, what role does this factor play in your deck? What are some smart practices to use, and terrible blunders to avoid?

The Importance Of the Advertising Strategy In A Pitch Deck

Your whole pitch deck and pitch presentation is a marketing exercise. Perhaps one of the most important marketing efforts and sales pitches you will deliver in the life of your startup. Without a good one, you may have no marketing capital at all. You may find it very hard to recruit great talent and advisors in addition to investors.

You’ve got to do great here, and demonstrate how you are going to get customers and sales so that you can deliver for your investors. If you can’t, how can they believe you’ll do good in business?

The Problem

The marketing strategy in a pitch deck really starts with your cover slide and tagline. It becomes even more important on your problem slide. You have to show that you really understand the problem, and have chosen a good one.

In your verbal pitch, you’ll be telling a story around this problem. One that will personally resonate with your audience. One that lets them feel the pain associated with it.

Sales and marketing are all about the problem versus the solution. The pain versus the pleasure you can bring. If you can’t nail the problem, the foundation of everything else is flawed.

The Solution

The solution slide in your pitch deck is where you start selling your product. If you can’t sell it to your investors, then how can you expect to sell it to anyone else? However, if you can sell it to cynical investors who are looking for reasons to poke holes in your idea and pitch, then selling regular customers may be much easier.

Here you need to demonstrate that you can keep it simple. Focus on the problem and the one solution you excel at providing. In additional slides you may note a couple of key features, differentiating factors, and show off prototypes or demos. Or at least screenshots of them.

Keep in mind that in fundraising storytelling is everything. In this regard for a winning pitch deck to help you here, take a look at the template created by Silicon Valley legend, Peter Thiel (see it here) that I recently covered. Thiel was the first angel investor in Facebook with a $500K check that turned into more than $1 billion in cash.

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Market Size

How big is the market for this product? Is it big enough to warrant going after, creating a business around, and investing capital in? What data do you have on the size of the customer pool? Is it growing or shrinking?

In your competition slide, you’ll show your competitive advantages over others in this space and how you think you can win market share. This is a critical facet of the marketing strategy in a pitch deck.

Target Market & Target Customers

Who are your target customers exactly? You can’t market well, effectively, and profitably unless you really deeply know and understand your customers. What is your customer avatar?

What are some of the use cases for your product? You may even demonstrate this with pictures. How many of these customers with this profile have you spoken to already?


In your traction slide, you are showing what you’ve achieved so far. This includes how many customers you’ve acquired and the sales you’ve made. This will show that your marketing strategy is working, and you just need to scale it up. Or if it isn’t and you’ve hit a wall.

The Team

For investors, the ability to execute is even more important than your idea and product. Specifically, do you have the best possible team in this industry to execute a good marketing strategy?

How much epic marketing experience do they have? What results have they have achieved What are their qualifications?

If you are weak here, then how will you give your investors confidence that you can not just pull this off, but are the best company in this space for them to bet on?

What amazing advisers or CMO and marketing experts are you bringing on board to champion this all-important part of the puzzle?

Business Model

The foundation of your business model is how you will acquire customers. That’s an essential part of the marketing strategy in a pitch deck. What marketing channels and tactics have you tried already?

How does your sales funnel work? How much is it costing to acquire new customers and sales? What are the returns on this marketing?

Do you still have questions about how to create a marketing plan? Check out this video where I explain a little more in detail.

Is The Marketing Strategy In A Pitch Deck A Part Of Your Fundraising Ask?

Will at least some of the funds you are raising for being used for marketing? If you have no experience or tests, what will you try first, and why? Will you be investing in developing a real, custom marketing strategy? Be careful here.

What marketing does your business rely on? Is it all reliant on Google search or paid ads on Facebook or using TikTok? Or is it enterprise sales with a very long sales cycle?

In which case do you have the salespeople with connections and financial runway to afford this? Are you planning a heavy upfront investment in marketing, like a physical store or inventory?

Take a step back and look at this marketing strategy in the pitch deck from your investors’ perspective. Is it sustainable? Does it offer good unit economics? Does it give you a moat around your business from competitors?

How will you control your marketing effectiveness and costs in the months and years ahead? What can you do that is unique and has a high marketing ROI? Is there an online advertising template you can use?

You may find interesting as well our free library of business templates. There you will find every single template you will need when building and scaling your business completely for free. See it here.

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